Tressell Surveys

graphic of survey on a tablet, being completed

On this page, we will display surveys on aspects of Tressell ward, to find out what local people think of the ward, or proposals for the ward. Please fill in as many as you like!

Street Weed/Wildflower Survey

Street Weed/Wildflower Survey

Now Spring is approaching, weeds will again start growing in our roads and pavements. People have very different attitudes to these weeds - some see them as 'urban wildflowers', which should be left to grow and thrive. Others see them as an untidy nuisance, that should be killed by the council with weedkillers. And others have a view between the two, thinking perhaps they should not be sprayed, but removed manually, from time to time. We'd like to know what you think, so we've set up this survey for Tressell Ward residents so you can tell us.

1. Where in Tressell Ward do you live?
2. In summer, are there a lot of weeds/wildflowers growing out of the pavements and/or roads where you live?
3. If there are weeds growing in pavements and/or roads, does this bother you?
4. If the weeds bother you, why do they bother you?
5. Do you think the councils (ie East Sussex County Council or Hastings Borough Council) should remove the weeds?
6. If you think the weeds should be removed, should that be done by:
7. Highway grass verges are entirely the responsibility of East Sussex County Council. Do you think these verges should be: