Tressell News

From time to time, we deliver street-level newsletters throughout Tressell Ward. With the General Election campaign in 2019 followed by the COVID-19 lockdowns, we didn’t do that for a while, but we’re out on the streets again now. Here’s a selection of the newsletters we’ve distributed over the last couple of years.

Farley Bank News January 2018
Bembrook Road News February 2018
Broomgrove and Hurrell News March 2018
Halton Estate News April 2018
Broomgrove and Hurrell News July 2019

Hardwicke Road News January 2018
Greville Road News March 2018
Frederick Road News April 2018
Deepdene and Waterside News October 2018
Farley Bank News August 2019

Old London Road News January 2018
Percy Road News March 2018
Mount Pleasant News April 2018
St Georges Road News March 2019
Bembrook Road News March 2022