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View across Hastings Old Town and out to sea from Bembrook Road

During the current crisis, we’re not allowed to knock on doors and deliver newsletters like we used to. So most weeks, we’ll be doing a walkabout in different parts of Tressell Ward to look at what’s going on – we’ll publish reports on what we find here in this blog. However, these too are now suspended during the current lockdown. When they recommence, walkabouts will be conducted by some or all of Cllr. Tania Charman, Cllr. Peter Chowney, Ali Roark (our Labour candidate for Tressell Ward in May 2021) and other local residents. Please comment on the posts if you have additional informational you’d like to add, or questions you’d like to ask. All comments are moderated – so don’t post anything offensive, it won’t appear. If you’d like to meet us on one of our walkabouts, send a message via the Contact page. We usually go out on Tuesday mornings, weather permitting.

Broomgrove Road and Mount Pleasant.

This week, we explored the south eastern part of the ward, in the Mount Pleasant area. There were four of us this time: from left to right, Cllr. Peter Chowney, Cllr. Ruby Cox, Anna Sabin, and Cllr. Tania Charman.  The weather was good, so we had a pleasant stroll around. ...
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Halton Estate, Priory Road and Bembrook Road.

Back to our Tressell walkabouts today, now lockdown is over.  This time, we took a look at Halton Estate, Priory Road and Bembrook Road.  It was a lovely day for it, chilly winter sunshine and some fabulous views out to sea from Bembrook Road.  Today, we had on our walkabout...
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Old London Road, Hardwicke Road and North Terrace.

Today, we held our first walkabout for three weeks, because we’ve been rained off repeatedly. And now, this will have to be the last one for at least a month, because of the new lockdown. There were four of us on the walkabout today, from left to right in the...
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Speckled Wood, School Road and Sandown Road.

Today, Ali Roark and Cllr. Peter Chowney met Ian Sier from Ore Community Land Trust (right in the picture) in Speckled Wood to discuss their plans and take a look around. Then we went on to School and Sandown Roads, and investigated a problem in Halton Terrace that had been...
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The ‘Top End’ of the Ward: Cllr. Peter Chowney

Today, I walked around the ‘top end’ of the ward: Cookson Gardens, Ticehurst Close, Tuppenney Close, Little Acres Way, Frederick Road, Percy Road, Coghurst Road, Greville Road, Clifton Road (in the picture), Travellers Lane and Speckled Wood (the housing development). This end of the ward is mostly owner occupied, with...
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Farley Bank to Valleyside: Cllr. Peter Chowney and Ali Roark

Farley Bank has suffered from very poor cleaning in the past, but this is now much improved.  The cleaning problems have emerged in part because Hastings Council is responsible for cleaning the roads and footpaths, but Optivo Housing Association is responsible for cleaning the grassed and planted areas.  This is...
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