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Planning application for five homes in Church Street approved.


The Homes and Community Agency's (HCA) planning application for a development of five homes, close to the junction of Church Street and Clifton Road, was approved by the council's planning committee on 4th February.  This includes two houses adjacent to the old workhouse development, two a little further north along Church Street, and one on the 'green triangle' on the junction itself (click on the map to download a full size pdf).

Map showing development site












Cllr. Tania Charman spoke against the development at the committee, on the grounds that one of the gardens was too small, and it represented 'overdevelopment', particularly on the 'green triangle' on Clifton Road. However, the committee approved the application unanimously. 

Cllr Peter Chowney said:

" While Tania and I are not opposed to the principle of development of this site, we did feel there were too many houses being squeezed in here, and the development of the green triangle area in particular spoiled the open character of the area.  This area is listed for housing development in the current local plan, and in the new one, so the application was not surprising. It's just a pity that it couldn't have been a less dense layout."

The HCA inherited the land from the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) when it was abolished three years ago.  SEEDA in turn acquired it from Hastings Council back in the 1990s, when it was part of a 'brownfield land assembly trust' designed to develop the whole of Speckled Wood, but which was abandoned when the council began to develop a strategy to preserve the woodland.

The planning approval was in outline only, so a further, detailed application will have to be submitted and approved before any development can take place. The site is now being marketed by the council on behalf of HCA.  A future owner would need to submit a detailed application before any development could take place. To find out more detail about the approved outline application, go to the planning application on the council's website, which you can find here.

HCA has now sold the land to a local developer.


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