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Mount Pleasant, Priory Road and Broomgrove Road.

Socially distanced selfie, Ali Roark in foreground, Peter Chowney in background

A chilly Tressell walkabout today, but at least it was sunny and bright.  This week, it was Cllr. Peter Chowney and Ali Roark, the Labour Hastings Council candidate for Tressell ward in the elections on 6th May. We did a fairly short walkabout today, exploring Mount Pleasant Road, Calvert Road, Broomgrove Road, and Priory Road, south of the Mount Pleasant junction.

Egremont Place

Communal refuse bin surrounded by litter
Egremont Place communal bins

Before we set off, we reported litter in Egremont Place on the council’s My Hastings website, which seemed to have stemmed from refuse operatives spilling litter from the Optivo bins in the Priory Road block. We’ll take that up too.

Mount Pleasant Road

Mount Pleasant Road, road ascending gently uphill, Victorian terraced houses
Mount Pleasant Road
high aluminium fencing with spiked tops along footway of road
Fencing replacing demolished advertising hoardings

We started with Mount Pleasant Road, walking down to the ward boundary at Hughenden Road. The road was clean and tidy, with no obvious problems. The last time we did our walkabout here, before Christmas, there were still two dilapidated advertising hoardings on the north side of Mount Pleasant Road, just west of Broomgrove Road.  These were partially blown down in one of the storms early in the New Year.  We got the council Building Control team onto it, as the half-blown-down hoarding was obviously dangerous, and I’m pleased to say the hoardings have been completely removed and a new fence has been erected there.  Most of the land behind this fence is unregistered, but is probably owned by Network Rail.  This seems likely as the fencing that’s been erected is the standard fencing used by Network Rail along railway boundaries. One little bit of this site is still owned privately, where the ‘We Buy Anything’ shop used to be, which has now been demolished, although a small part of it remains (including the shop sign with the word ‘anything’ still visible!).

Calvert Road

Calvert Road, small road with Victorian terraces, large brick-built chapel at the end
Calvert Road

We explored Calvert Road from Mount Pleasant, which all seemed clean and tidy.  Several properties along there were being refurbished too – it’s good to see a road that was always heavily littered and had a number of shabby buildings looking so much improved.

Broomgrove Road

Rusty spiked railings closing off the entrance to a footpath, old illegible sign on the gate
Closed footpath to Ore Station
Flowers planted in rough ground by a fence
Roadside planting by closed footpath fence

Broomgrove Road is an unadopted road, which means East Sussex County Council don’t maintain it.  As it’s not adopted, Hastings Council isn’t required to clean it, but do clean it from time to time. However, the green space to the north of the road (used partly for car parking) is probably all Network Rail land (not all of it is registered to them) and is not cleaned by Hastings Borough Council, although HBC did erect a fence along part of the road in an attempt to prevent frequent flytipping onto the land.  Broomgrove Road seemed fairly clean, although there is often a problem with litter in what used to be a ‘community garden’ at the junction of Broomgrove Road and Mount Pleasant Road, which we ask to be cleaned from time to time. There used to be a footpath down to Ore Station from Broomgrove Road, but Network Rail closed it some years ago, on the grounds that it was used as a pedestrian cut-through to Ore Valley Road and the convenience store there.  We did argue at the time that this didn’t seem like a bad thing, and made it easier for local people to get to both the station and the store, but they apparently have a policy of not allowing stations to be used as thoroughfares. There’s a little garden here too by the fence, created by local people.

Disused garages on small plot of unused land with parked car and van
Land between 6 and 12 Broomgrove Road

The area of land between 6 and 12 Broomgrove Road was granted planning permission for the development of three two-storey houses last September.  The applicant was Jason Sinclair, from Five Oaks Business Park in Ninfield.  There have been some problems with flytipping on the site although today the flytipping that had been there seemed to have been cleared, and there were a couple of vehicles parked on the site. Flytipping on private land such as this can’t be cleared by the council. Hastings council does have powers to require landowners to clear land that has large accumulations of waste, but that’s never been the case with this land.

Priory Road

Fresh yellow lines and clearway markings outside school
Fresh yellow lines outside Casteldown School

From there, we walked back up Mount Pleasant, and walked the length of Priory Road from the Mount Pleasant junction to the ward boundary at Whitefriars Road. This road looked clean and tidy too, including the area around the Pop-In convenience store and the verges opposite, which used to be constantly messy. New yellow lines for ‘no waiting’ and the Castledown School clearway had just been painted.  Parent parking at Castledown School has often been a problem, with cars blocking the road, in particular preventing access for buses, and blocking driveways. Enforcement of double yellow lines and school clearways is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council, but we can sometimes get them to visit at the end of the school day if inconsiderate parking becomes too much of a problem.

Back up Priory Road, and we were back to the start. We’ll probably be campaigning for the local elections during the coming month leading up to 6th May, so might not do a walkabout next week.  But do let us now if you’d like to join us on a future one – they’re always 10am, on Tuesdays.

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