Elections, Campaigns and Leaflets

The next Hastings Borough Council elections are on May 2nd 2024

Unfortunately, Liam Crowter, our candidate in the 2022 Hastings Council elections was unsuccessful, after Peter Chowney retired as a Tressell councillor. However, Ali remains as the ward councillor, and will continue to work hard to represent Tressell residents in all the ways we’ve outlined elsewhere on this website. Neither Peter nor Liam will be abandoning Tressell though. For Peter, it’s a ward he represented for 16 years. For Liam, it’s where he grew up and lived for much of his life. So they’ll both be helping Ali, to make sure Tressell residents are properly represented and that we keep you informed of what’s going on in the ward, and on Hastings Council.

Ali Roark, Peter Chowney and Liam Crowter, standing in grassed area with terraced houses in background.
Ali Roark, Peter Chowney and Liam Crowter

If Boris Johnson’s Tory government lasts its full term, the date of the next council elections will also be the date of the next General Election.