About Your Councillors

Ali Roark

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I was elected to Hastings Borough Council for the first time in 2021. I was born and went to school in Hastings, but I lived for 6 years in America after graduating from university, having moved out there to marry my American husband who I met at university here in the UK. We moved back to Hastings in 2012.

I want to live in a society where the fundamentals of access to adequate healthy food, affordable and decent housing, quality education, and healthcare are a given. We should not have children living in poverty in our society – we should be investing now in our children and in our families who are struggling because it is in all of our interests to live in a society where people are able to contribute their talents. Investing in early support services across the board costs money, but in so many areas, I believe that it is money well spent as it saves spending even more money down the line on crisis management. This is true in education, healthcare, social care, and the justice system. I believe that looking after the most vulnerable in our society should be a given – the basis for a healthy and functioning society.

I believe that essential services, like water, electricity and the railways, should be in public ownership and run for the benefit of everyone who needs them.

I am incredibly concerned by the impact of climate change and want to see a radical re-imagining of society as we adapt – a society that is greener, fairer and healthier.

I have an academic background in Contemporary and American History and have worked in various jobs over the years here and in America. I currently work in an admin role for a supported accommodation business and in a support role in a local school alongside being a councillor.

I used to have a rescue dog who I loved very much and who made the journey with us when we moved from America. I now have a lovely black and white cat and one day hope to find another little rescue dog who is happy to live with a cat and children, which might be a bit of an ask!